Why Web3

Trust-less and Transparent Ownership

Web3 technologies allow us to build and provide a platform where users are in control and have true ownership of their content and identity. In the traditional Web2 space, when users buy content from a centralized provider, it is much more similar to renting than owning. They are purchasing the privilege to use that content as long as the provider exists and agrees to let them use it under the conditions the provider decides. There are countless examples out there of users losing access to the content they’ve purchased because for whatever reason, the provider decides that user shouldn’t have access to it anymore, or because the provider no longer exists.

The change from purchasing physical copies of goods to digital goods took away users rights to do what they wanted with what they purchased. Users that bought physical movies, CDs, or video games, truly owned that copy of content. If they no longer wanted it, they had the opportunity to resell it to another person and no one could come to their house and take it away from them. The shift to a digital space took that away and users are starting to realize they don’t really own anything that they purchase online.

Web3 is a way to change that, and we’re building our platform using Web3 technologies because we believe you should have the right to own your content and do with it as you please. The transparency of smart contract technology also enables users to know exactly what they can do with their content and doesn’t require permission to do it.

Lower Barriers

Web3 lowers the barrier to providing the community and users an opportunity to govern how a platform is run and enables users to have direct control over the direction of the platform rather than the traditional system where users are at the whims of a centralized corporation imposing their will on its users.

Your profile and the content and tokens you accumulate will no longer be tied exclusively to one platform. Blockchain technology enables users to be part of a greater ecosystem and provides the freedom to use and trade the content they own on more than just our platform.

Web3 technology enables us to empower creators by removing the middleman extracting value from them. With the power of smart contract technology, we can offer easy and accessible ways for creators to profit from their creations without needing middlemen like managers or advertisers. Profit from your content and earn royalties easier than ever because of the technology behind NFTs and decentralized marketplaces.

Sustainable Platform

Users pay for transaction and storage costs in the form of gas fees. The core features and marketplace can continue to exist even without our input and support.

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