Ambassador Challenge

The Ambassador Challenge is a great way for users to compete against their favourite professionals. Every week, users will have a chance to submit their best attempt at outperforming their favourite pros and be eligible to earn prizes and exclusive content.

A professional (ambassador) will be chosen at random each week, spanning across multiple sports, arts and activities, to inspire users to replicate and top the moves that will be shared by these artists. The ambassador will have a video posted under the Ambassador Challenge tab and users will be able to post a video in response, trying to match the move in the ambassador video. Other users will then have the opportunity to vote, and the top voted videos shared will be able to earn prizes such as signed merchandise, special features within the general gameplay as well as experiences.

The Ambassador Challenge will take place over an entire week, allowing users the time to prepare, film and post while also giving AllSkills the time to promote the initiative beyond their community.

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