1v1 Challenge System

All skills are welcome. Whether it’s athletic, artistic, musical, strategic, incredibly precise, or even one-of-a-kind, we want to see it. Users start off by setting up their camera and capturing their finest moment. Once the user has successfully captured their challenge video, they can now edit it in a simple way to make it as attractive as possible. Several elements such as music, effects, filters and GIFs are available to users for free according to their level, giving them the opportunity to let their creativity flow. Users can also spend SKILL tokens on unique filters and effects in our marketplace to further customize their videos.

After the user is satisfied with their video, the next step is to put it up for Challenge. Newly recorded videos automatically enter the Open Challenge system, which makes it available to be challenged by anyone. Users can then search for specific opponents to challenge or filter by tags to find the perfect match-up.

Once a challenge has started, the power is now in the voters hands. Users can vote for which video they like most using our fiat-backed stablecoin VOTE Token. Once the challenge is complete, the video with the most votes is declared the winner, earning them a portion of all VOTE tokens and if the conditions are right, their video is minted as an NFT.

Minted challenge wins can be sold on our Marketplace for a quick payout or saved for GM Mode to continue earning $VOTE tokens.

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