Marketplace Economy

NFT Plays

The AllSkills Marketplace is where users can go to sell their own minted Plays or buy/sell Plays from other talented creators. Users can show off their eye for talent by collecting at least 3 Plays to unlock our special GM Mode where they can put their NFTs up for challenge and earn even more rewards.

Supporting All Types of Creators

The AllSkills Marketplace is another way for us to support creators of all kinds. Users have the opportunity to sell their own created songs, stickers/emojis, video filters, and profile pictures to other users. Users can purchase video enhancements to show off their creative flair and make their videos stand out even more, all while supporting the creator economy.

Mint Tokens

Prior to reaching level 7, users can purchase Mint Tokens to turn one of their challenge wins in to a tradable NFT Play.

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